FAQ For Phee Case

Is PHEEcase made from real seagrass?

Yes. Our PHEEcase is made from our unique PHEEboard, the first eco-panel made of the dead leaves of seagrass Posidonia Oceanica

What can I expect from the finish?

PHEEboard is a natural product, so every slice varies in grain. No two PHEEcases are ever the same.

How much does PHEEcase weigh?

PHEEcase weighs 23 grams (0.8 ounces), and an iPhone 6 weighs 136.5 grams (4.8 ounces).

Is the packaging recyclable?

We’re proud to say that all our packaging is 100% recyclable, so you can enjoy great products without hurting the planet.


Is this really REAL seagrass? Really?

You bet it is. 100% real. Sustainably sourced from the beaches of Achaia, transformed to high value end products right here in Patras!

I saw something on your Instagram/Facebook that I liked, how can I order it?

Depends, shoot us an email at hi@phee.gr and we’ll see if we can make it for you.

Do you offer tracking information?

Yes, to all Greek and EU orders. You’ll get your tracking info in your shipping confirmation email.

Where can I buy PHEE products?

PHEE’s products are available online at phee.gr (You’re already here! Bonus!), at many reputable retailers across the country and a couple internationally. You can find more on the store locator page

Where are PHEE products made?

In Patras,Greece!

How can I clean my PHEE product?

Use a slightly damp cloth to wipe your PHEE product clean. No chemicals please!

My PHEE product did not stand up to the stand up to the blowtorch test I put it through. Can I get a new one?

Sure. You just have to pay for it.

My PHEE product did not stand up to everyday wear and tear (6 months after purchase). Can I get a new one?

Yes! Our seagrass products have a six month warranty. If you need a replacement within 6 months of purchase, we are happy to send you one! Just shoot us an email, and we will send a replacement PHEE product to the address you specify